Corporate Social And
Cultural Responsibility

At BeAdvisors we recognise that we have an economic, cultural, environmental and social impact that goes beyond our core activity. Our corporate social and cultural responsibility programme is an important part of who we are and is designed to ensure this overall impact is a positive one.

As a firm we value inspiration, innovation and individual contributions. We treat our clients, and each other, with mutual respect and trust. We bring this approach to our CS&CR programme and aim to ensure all our people have the opportunity to get involved to help them develop to their full potential and be responsible citizens.


Culture and art

We are committed to supporting art in all its forms: we channel philanthropic activities through our contribution to art projects worldwide and through our partner BeART and its crowdfunding platform dedicated to art.

We offer support to research projects that commit to improving the presence and visibility of young and emerging artists. Our focus is also on those projects that benefit independent and artist run spaces and artist residencies: the projects receiving funding demonstrate significant potential to make a difference to the lives of those involved.


Pro bono

Our professionals undertake a wide range of pro bono (i.e. free) tax and legal advice as part of their commitment to the wider community.


Community involvement

As a firm dedicated to upholding the legal rights of individuals, we strive to use our skills and expertise to support others in our community. Our community programme supports organisations that promote access to justice and social inclusion and those providing vital services to some of the people we have helped with our legal work.



At BeAdvisors we are constantly striving to help reduce our impact on the environment. We always aim to be proactive in cutting our consumption rather than just reacting to legislation.