We are embracing innovative resources and ways of working to provide the very best combination of people, processes and technology solutions, to deliver a service that exceeds evolving client expectations.

A new approach to innovation

People, companies and universities are facing times of profound change, where the only recurring issue is the need to change and knowing how to innovate.

In a discontinuous scenario it is unthinkable to propose approaches to innovation management which have been available in the recent past and it is similarly unthinkable to confine innovation to isolated business areas.

It is of the utmost importance to recognise changes of scenery and being able to devise innovative strategies, implementing them catalyzing the energies of the entire organization and increasing the support of external partners.

Moreover, it is important for managers and entrepreneurs to enhance their ability to think, promote and implement innovation. Innovation that can have an impact on products, services, processes, business models and relationships with the eco- system in which a company lives.

Our philosophy

“Lateral Thinking” expresses in full the vision of our Innovation Team, summing up the attitude to address problems openly.

We are aware that the solution to challenges and problems can be generated by totally unrelated ideas. This is our constant attempt: move away from the logics of the incremental improvement. A modest revision or integration is not what we believe innovation is about: a complete rethinking of the problem means that the answer may come from a completely different field. This is the reason why we are open to external contributions and we believe in an interdisciplinary structure, with the presence of experts in different fields.

Particularly interesting in this regard is a study by Professor Michael Farrell that demonstrates and explains why the innovations mainly derives from the interaction with dynamic collaborative teams designed as “a club”. Analyzing the major transitions in literature, painting and science, Farrell shows how innovative thinking benefits from the interaction, the mutual trust and the sense of mission, typical of the clubs. “…Clubs provide a family atmosphere where the pioneering minds are encouraged to explore new directions. In this type of environment the members survive to skepticism and criticism of the dominant cultures. The clubs create empathetic colleagues with whom sharing the progress in the exploration and communication efforts of the new vision…”

The innovation team

As new models of management, skills and completely new dynamics are needed, our Innovation Team is focused on innovating the approach to innovation itself.

We promote interaction between professionals and experts from different areas of business and from diverse disciplines with the aim of creating and developing innovative projects.

A multidisciplinary approach which gathers professionals active in different fields, from engineering to marketing, from philosophy to design: the collaborative sharing of information is the key factor that drives our strategic services on innovation.

The aim is to trigger a virtuous circle generating innovative reflections for the different disciplines.

With our “forward thinking” approach we analyze new trends and convey to the market cutting edge products, services and business models.

The collection of experiences, skills and opportunities that permeates our team feeds a rich and multifaceted expertise and know-how.

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